The 3 Stages Of The Home Selling Process

The 3 Stages Of The Home Selling Process

Have you decided to sell your home but don’t know where to start? In this video, I’m going to walk you through the three steps of the home selling process. I’ll explain the timeline of each step so you know exactly what to expect. 

Step 1: The Pre-Listing Stage

If you’re anything like most people, the thought of moving is daunting. You have to think about physically moving, as well as all the steps involved from getting from point A to point B. The good news is that I’m going to simplify what to expect so you can start planning.

The first step of the home selling process is pre-listing. Before we can begin marketing your house, we need to make it look good. Oftentimes, this is going to involve preparing your home for sale by doing things like decluttering and rearranging your home to show in the best light. Some people refer to this as staging.

It’s during your pre-listing stage that you begin preparing the house for sale. This is a crucial step to handle before you take pictures and video. If you were looking to buy a home, where would you look first? If you answered online, you’re correct; it’s where most people start. That means your first showing will take place online. Because of this, it’s essential to make a good first impression with potential buyers so that they’re more motivated to schedule a showing.

It’s during the pre-listing stage that you might look for areas you can improve in your home to get a positive return on investment. There are a lot of simple tricks you can use to improve your property and sell it faster and for more money. For example, if painting a room for $250 allows us to sell the house for $2,500 more, it might be worth it for you to look into that. There are probably several areas in your home that you can spruce up that will allow you to maximize your home selling price.

Step 2: The Active Selling Process

Once we spruce up your home and get it ready, it’s time to move into the active selling process. This is the stage where you’re officially listed and showing your home. We must create the buzz right away to take advantage of being a newly listed property.

It’s also essential that we’re the most aggressive in the first two weeks your home is listed. This is your best chance to sell your home for top dollar. Things like having an open house, broker’s open, and other Blitz-like marketing approaches online and on social media will help create the buzz and urgency.

It’s also during this time that you need to be ready to allow showings. We don’t control when a buyer wants to see your home; we can only be ready to accommodate them once they do.

Step 3: The Pending Stage

The next step of the home selling process is the pending stage. Eventually, your property’s going to receive an offer that you’ll hopefully accept. Once this process is complete, you are officially under contract. In this final stage of the home selling process—the pending or escrow stage—we still have a lot of work to do.

This is the part of the process where the deal gets solidified and heads to closing. The first thing that happens is that your buyer is going to conduct an inspection and start lining up financing if they’re getting a loan. It’s our job to follow up with all parties, coordinate inspections, and confirm everyone is doing their job. One little mistake can cause days in closing, so we need to stay on top of everyone. There are also a lot of moving parts.

Getting Top Dollar On Your Sale

I hope this showed you a glimpse of what goes on during the home selling process. Of course, there are many details here that we haven’t covered and many specifics you’ll need to know. My team and I would love to answer any further questions that you may have. We help people just like you sell their properties every day, and we would be happy to assist you, too.

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